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Tech Life Support believes having the right team is critical to IT Managed Services, and our Team always delivers the best outcome for our clients. We have a variety of different talent and skills at Tech Life Support, enabling us to deploy, implement, and support all our client’s needs.

Who We Are

Tech Life Support is designed to operate as one. We are united by our values focused on client impact. No matter the challenge, we focus on delivering practical and enduring results, while ensuring our clients have the tools to grow and lead. We approach projects from scratch leaving all options on the table. We continually seek new and better ways to serve our clients and aim to anticipate their future needs. We strive to build a relationship of trust with every client. Our way of working leads to the best results; results that change your business.

Tech Life Support is a technology company and we use technology to the best effect we can. Tech Life Support specializes in developing, disseminating, and implementing best practices within a complex and ever-changing regulatory environment. From assessments and recommendations, to managing the program to completion. Our approach ensures that you receive a seamless experience that will allow you to leverage the value of your technology investment and drive true performance improvement results.
Tech Life Support specializes in developing, disseminating, and implementing best practices within a complex and ever-changing regulatory environment. From assessments and recommendations, to managing the program to completion.
IT departments have many competing priorities and interests to address when managing projects. Tech Life Support specializes in prioritizing and building a business case for critical individuals.

Tech Life Support uses a comprehensive set of tools, procedures and best policy standards to achieve sustainable, optimized networks and computer systems. In other words, we keep your systems up and running aligned with the needs of your specific business.
Tech Life Support’s first priority is to establish a baseline of your current infrastructure. Our team of experts will examine every aspect of your network to determine your current footprint for security, bandwidth, file usage and much more. Our Planning process is designed to bring you lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increase productivity.

Boost Your Business

We provide everything you need for your IT infrastructure. Start concentrating on your business, Tech Life Support will give you worry free IT.

Why choose us?

  • Great Technicians for Your IT Support
  • Amazing Customer Service & Technical Support
  • Lower Costs and Greater Efficiency

Skilled technicians with real-world experience

Tech Life Support prides itself on using skilled technicians located in Omaha, Nebraska, with years of real-world experience.  Our engineers and technicians have resumes reflecting work in a wide variety of environments such as local computer repair stores, networking technicians, help desk phone support representatives, network monitoring specialists, and even defense contractors building systems for the Department of Defense. Each information technology support technician on our team brings real expertise and enthusiasm to our business, and thus to you!

Every customer is important

Your computers are tools and need to work for you.  When they don’t your technical support vendor needs to get your tools back in your hands quickly and with respect for your time and business.  Each customer is important, whether you have 100 employees or simply do things yourself.  We know that our customers rely on us to solve their problems so they can stay on task, and we treat no request as frivolous.

Lower Costs

Tech Life Support is a technology company and we use technology to the best effect we can.  We developed our own toolset which cuts costs of using third party software, lower costs for us means lower prices to our customers.
I came to TLS with what I thought was a complicated request that would take hours and lots of dollars, as I had been told by other computer/website businesses! TLS amazingly took care of my concern in 15 minutes!! TLS is the answer to my prayers; I am so grateful to have been recommended to them! They also took care of another issue in no time, of which I am still waiting to hear back,( it’s been 12 days), from my out-of-state website developer! I am so grateful to find someone LOCAL with INTEGRITY, KNOWLEDGE and AMAZING RATES!!!!
Amazing service!!! Tony fixed my laptop in one day! Another tech place told me I just needed to throw my computer in the trash and I would have to pay them to dispose of it. Tony at Tech Life Support said No I can fix it. Before Tony had my computer it took 30 mins just to load, now I turn it on and boom it loads!  Very happy customer and will be returning. He is honest and prices are extremely fair!!!! Def recommend.
Chelsea Kugler
These guys are the best! Computer had a bunch of viruses and a very difficult technical issue to solve – all fixed perfectly for $50 without wiping any memory- unheard of. And service was fantastic. These guys are the type that will stop at nothing to fix something – no matter how difficult – if only to prove it to themselves they really can do it all. Couldn’t be happier with the outcome here and highly recommend! … oh, and Tony is the best – thanks so much for the other updates and recommendations you gave – computer fixed + improved. (seriously, $50!? – I feel a little guilty paying so little for such awesomeness)
Jeremiah Hughes
Took my old MacBook in (2008) to see if Tony could help me get it running faster. He backed it up, cleaned it up and then suggested that I put some more memory in it to help with the slowness. Tony has a $50.00 flat fee for work like this. I did have to pay for a little more memory but now my Mac will be useful in the future. Great service, knowledgeable guy.
Patricia Byrnes Reh, Omaha

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