When Did You Last Check Your Backups Were Working?

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Why Choose Online Backup With DataER?

  • Backing up data to a remote location means you are safe against threats which can affect your local machines and your local backups, like: fire, theft, natural disaster & electrical problems.
  • DataER monitors your online backups and alerts you when attention is needed, saving you time and money and enhancing your productivity.
  • DataER technicians provide expert configuration advice and specialize in backup: with our expertise you can handle any backup challenge, and backup any application

DataER is Business-Class Online Backup

  • Cheap unmanaged backup services fail with business-size datasets — both on backup and restore.  DataER backs up machines with millions of files and hundreds of gigabytes of data every day.
  • We restore files immediately, on demand. While other backup services maximize their profit from you by making you wait for restores. We proactively prepare your files at backup time and keep them ready to restore, anytime.
  • Our zero-configuration installs deal with common issues on large servers, so you can install quickly and be certain your backups will “just work”.

Notable Backup Facts and Figures:

  • $2,900.00: Average cost of data loss
  • 1/3: Number of IT managers who believe major data loss could lead to bankruptcy at their firm
  • 5 Years: Average time before bankruptcy after significant data loss

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