27 Jan

Is Your Computer Worth Saving

Deciding on when you upgrade your technology is not always a simple task. When you’ve experienced issues with your computer system, you can choose to live with the system, purchase an entirely new system or attempt to repair the system you already have. Each of these options carries with it its own set of benefits and negatives, and there are a few things you may want to consider when making the decision.

Is the issue with software or hardware?

Many people believe that when their computer begins to slow down or act strangely, it’s time for a new

system. In fact, when a computer begins to slow down, it usually means that there’s a software problem that can easily be fixed through IT services. It’s often better, in this situation, to take a data backup and then attempt to maintain the computer. If the computer can’t run new software suites, that likely means that it’s getting old; if it’s struggling to run software suites that it could run before, it’s more likely that you simply have a software issue.

Is there a single issue wrong with the hardware?

Most often, either the hard drive or power supply of a computer will fail first. These parts are not usually too expensive to replace. If there’s a single item wrong with the hardware, such as one of these replaceable components, you’re usually better off contacting an IT services professional to get the hardware replaced rather than purchasing an entirely new computer.

Is the issue affecting your productivity?

If your computer is simply too slow or too old to run your current software systems and you’re finding that the issue is affecting your productivity, it may be time to replace your computer system entirely. Replacing your computer system is the most expensive option, but it also enables you to take advantage of new technology and boost your productivity; it also ensures that you won’t lose access to your valuable technology when you least expect it.

When in doubt regarding your computer system, always defer to an IT expert. In general, desktop computers usually need to be replaced every three to five years. Laptops are often replaced anywhere between two to three years, depending on the circumstances under which they are used. Technology cycles move very quickly, and keeping current on technology often does demand that you upgrade or replace your equipment quite frequently. However, there are ways to make older technology work with you if you are determined to do so.

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