Tech Life Support’s first priority is to establish a baseline of your current infrastructure. Our team of experts will examine every aspect of your network to determine your current footprint for security, bandwidth, file usage and much more.

Our Planning process is designed to bring you lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increase productivity.

  • Current Needs
  • Future Needs
  • Current Infrastructure
  • Current Equipment

What are your current needs?

Tech Life Support will tailor a service to meet your current needs and that can easily be expanded as your company grows.

We will ensure regardless of your current state, you will be able to add any device or service as you grow.

What are your future needs?

To ensure we scope your technical needs correctly, we will need to know the direction you are going.

This process really isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

Do you plan on hosting your own internal private cloud?



Tech Life Support will determine your current infrastructure posture to ensure the we design the best solution for you.

During this process we will be looking into security, backups, bottlenecks and much more.

Because your equipment needs to perform Tech Life Support will assess your current IT assets to give you the best possible solution.

We need to look at current Anti-Virus, security updates and hardware capabilities.

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